Auckland Ultimate

Auckland Ultimates request for us was for a system that would free up there time in management of tournaments.

We came up with a member only system that in it's first stage manages registrations for their tournaments.

Launch Website


Welcome to Zenago and our new and improved look. It's our 10th Birthday and we thought given we are all grown up now we would invest in some new clothes.

So what else has changed? Quite a bit actually........

From our inception of developing standard websites, our work has become more complex incorporating one off custom built software solutions.

Recent economic conditions combined with the demand for more integrated web services has seen a change in the way in which we work. With the need for organisations to understand what is required there has become a demand for higher consultation. This is fast becoming one of our most sought after stand alone services. By truly understanding your business, how it currently works combined with our vast knowledge of service applications, together we can develop a future business that you can be proud of.

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