The Fishing Show
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Auckland Ultimate

Auckland Ultimates request for us was for a system that would free up there time in management of tournaments.

We came up with a member only system that in it's first stage manages registrations for their tournaments.

Launch Website

web Design Company


xtrips was founded to let you share and access information on your adventures.

xtrips was launched in November 2008. Iniatially, surfing trips were reviewed. In December, snowboarding trips and skiing trips were added.

Launch Website

The ITM Fishing Show

TV3's The Fishing Show wanted a website that would make viewers feel like they were getting their feet wet, and really pull them into the experience that is The Fishing Show. To do this they needed audience involvement in the website.

The Zenago team, led by owner and big game fisherman Danny Sunkel was all too keen to get its teeth into this project.

The result is a site which not only has blog and forum capabilities, but the opportunity for punters to upload their own fantastic fishy photos onto the site gallery.

The videos which are available for viewing are pretty cool too. All the excitement of big game fishing on your computer screen. Lunch time at work has never been so much fun!